Mykel Coleman's Losing Everything - The Movie

Prolific Writer, Director, and Producer Mykel Coleman has created an Oscar Winning Cast in the upcoming motion picture.

"Losing Everything" All or Nothing is filled with real life emotions that showcase drama, love, deception, and patience of one man's dream to succeed no matter what it takes. Jeremiah is an aspiring author with a dream of being successful, but what happens when the dream is taking longer than expected? His fiancé, Angelina, is a high-power attorney, who demands nothing but the best in work and at home. At the firm, there are three other co-workers, who have secrets of their own which begin to unravel. Family and friends get involved in personal lives, as secrets and true feelings are revealed that could alter their lives forever in "Losing Everything" All or Nothing. Do you have the strength to stand when everything around you is failing? Are you willing to lose in order to gain? Written, Directed, Produced for Screen by Mykel Coleman Starring: Dominique Nicole, Mykel Coleman, Shay Buckeey Johnson, Kenyon Glover, Sy Sayonara, Andre Congo, A Jai Simone, Antrone Hughes, Trionna Moore, Tabitha Middleton, Shanria Price


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