D. Marie Monroe's "YOU BETTER NOT TELL" Provocative Musical Play


Mykel Coleman is proud to present “You Better Not Tell” provocative musical play which is based on a true story adapted from the Best-selling author D. Marie Monroe's “Not A Word”. This musical stage play will leave you with a message like none other. What if you were molested, abused, or know someone who had been and wore completely helpless unaware of what was going on and was threatened and repeatedly told “You Better Not Tell” over and over again. Well, you are about to embark on a powerful true story based on author D. Marie life story on how she was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally but somehow overcame the torment she faced and still deals with today. This production will inspire you and will open your eyes to the signs that a child, friend, family member, or spouse who may be or has been a victim of molestation, abuse, and are afraid to tell someone what may be going on in their life, due to embarrassment, confusion, fear, or shame. This will be your deliverance. Get ready to enjoy two hours of creativity filled with real life incidents that occurred, tears, testimony, and power to overcome what was intended to destroy you but God had a big plan for your life.

Author D. Marie Monroe's Facebook link keep in touch with her ---->


Director and Producer Mykel Coleman's link on Instagram keep in touch with him ---->


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